And so it begins!

When I first purchased my home back in 2010 I had a ton of ideas on how I wanted to decorate my space.  Unfortunately as soon as I closed, my career in real estate took a nose dive!  I was able to take care of the essential items, but all my other ideas had to be put on hold.  Luckily, due to my background in real estate I didn’t have any big ticket items that needed to be immediately taken care of.  I’ve been able to live comfortably in my unfinished, practically unfurnished abode!

Now, I’m at a point in my life where I can pick up where I left off and start to get things done around here before I’m too old to enjoy it!  LOL!!  That’s part of the reason for this blog.  I still have a lot of great ideas, but have the hardest time making a final decision – which is why I still have paint swatches on my dining room wall because I can’t choose a color for my accent wall.  I’m hoping that writing things out and having photos will help me make some final decisions.

The other part of this blog is to share my weekend activities, DIY’s and occasional destinations – and whatever else may come up!  This weekend didn’t consist of much other than some relaxing and getting my yard ready for some things I want to take care of outdoors.  Today is relaxation day.  I made a delicious brunch and am wrapping it up with an afternoon of DVR recordings and Bellini’s.

Enjoy your Sunday and I’ll check back in next weekend!

Peach Bellini's