I need furniture!

So one of the hardest things for me to do in this whole house decorating thing is make a decision.  I have this image in my head of what I want and pin a ton of things on Pinterest, then go to the store and end up walking out with nothing ordered or in the lay-a-way.  Well this weekend I made a step in the right direction!  I’ve had this thought for a few months that I was going to have all my furniture and walls neutral that way I could switch it up with pretty pillows, throws and rugs.  Went to the store yesterday and that all pretty much went out the window!  I went in with intentions of finding a comfy couch for my den that I’ve seen online. Sofa  I saw the couch and I like it, but then I saw this chair!  I knew I had to have it!  Even though it doesn’t go with my whole neutral decor – I couldn’t leave without putting some money down on that chair! purple chair Then I saw this chair and knew I wanted it too!  grey chairI put 2 of the grey ones and 1 of the purple ones on hold until after I get my floors refinished.  Now my whole decor for the living room is going to change.  I’m hoping I find a couch that will do these chairs justice!  My color pallet for my living room/dining room is now purple and charcoal 🙂

I’m not sure what my style would be considered, but I know I want comfy and functional. Oh and pretty!  lol!  What do you consider your style?  What ideas can you share with me???  I have pretty much a whole house to decorate!

Until next time!